Necta Launcher

Necta Launcher 1.4.1

Help senior people use Android phone easily

Help senior people use Android phone easily

* Everything is big:

Big font designed for reading and writing.Big buttons help you easy to press them,you

cannot make wrong touching.

* Quick dial important persons:

Touch one name at home screen you can dial him/her directly.

* Smart camera and photo reviewer:

Well-designed UI, and elders and kids touch anywhere to take a photo.

* You will not get lost:

Position feature display you location at map. and it will add showing how to go to home.

* Weather forecast:

Show weather forecast for next 3 days.

* Internet Search Bar.

* Useful tools:

Flashlight at home screen make you easy to find it, and many other tools could be added to home


We re-designed many important apps, such as Call, SMS,Camera, Picture viewer, and add SOS feature, send position feature. And we also support many colors themes. Black and white theme is suitable for vision loss people.

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Necta Launcher


Necta Launcher 1.4.1

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